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Finding seasonal workers

Using our industry experience, Agrigarant is recruiting the best possible workers for its partners. We supply seasonal labor force, employees from Romania


As a licensed recruitment agency in United Kingdom Agrigarant is a specialist supplier of seasonal workers from Eastern-Europe. Our main areas are agriculture, food packaging, and processing.  

Seasonal workers

Supply the best seasonal workers to our agricultural clients, employers from the UK


All candidates have up to date documents, verified ID’s and fully aware of work requirements


Agrigarant assists all clients with a custom web portal to manage open positions, candidates, and all requirements.

Helping your business

Our main aim is to recruit seasonal workers to our clients. Workers who are motivated, doing an effective job during the season.  Agrigarant uses a clear process to select the right candidate.
All applicants are screened by our experienced recruiters. Also we give them all the necessary information regarding the workplace, duties, requirements.  workers arrive to the farms with a real expectation, clear picture about the work, accommodation.
Agrigarant has a good local knowledge on Romanian labour market. This  means with us you can reach the right people faster and  with low cost.

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