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General Terms and Conditions

Thanks for using our products and services. The service is provided by SC. Wide Range Services Jobs SRL - Registered address Cozmeni nr. 191, office in Odorheiu Secuiesc, Str. II Rakoczi Ferenc nr. 84 VAT number: 38029330, Company nr. J19/610/2017 Telefon +40752826526

using our Services, you are agreeing to these terms. Please read them

Services are very diverse. Additional terms will be available with the relevant
Services, and those additional terms become part of your agreement with us if
you use those Services.

of this Agreement

Agreement consists of the following terms and conditions (hereinafter the
“General Terms”) and terms and conditions, if any, specific to use of
individual Services (hereinafter the “Service Specific Terms”). The General
Terms and Service Specific Terms are collectively referred to as the “Terms”.
In the event of a conflict between the General Terms and Service Specific
Terms, the Service Specific Terms shall prevail.

Sign up Obligations

You need to sign up for a user account by providing all the required information in order to access or use the Services.

of the Terms

must be of legal age to enter into a binding agreement in order to accept the
Terms. If you do not agree to the General Terms, do not use any of our

can accept the Terms by checking a checkbox or clicking on a button indicating
your acceptance of the terms or by actually using the Services.


Objective of this agreement
constitutes the performance by the provider, on the basis of the order launched
by the beneficiary and accepted by the provider, of the services to promote the
beneficiary and Activity of the beneficiary, by initiating and conducting
advertising campaigns, consisting of the activities contained in the accepted
order (1 to this agreement, containing Services offered by the provider and
their prices.

The specific content of the material to be published (texts, photographs, video, logo, etc.) shall be made available to the provider at the latest 10 calendar days before launching the advertising campaign.

            The expected result of the advertised campaign is reaching a targeted audience based on the package deals offered (please see Agrigarant Advertising Packages).

Fees and Payments

The Services are available under subscription plans of various durations. Payments for subscription plans can be made by Credit Card or Debit Card. Your subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of each subscription period unless you downgrade your paid subscription plan to a basic plan (Bronze Package) or inform us that you do not wish to renew the subscription. At the time of automatic renewal, the subscription fee will be charged to the Credit Card or Debit Card used by you. 

If you do not wish to renew the subscription, you must inform us at least 14 days prior to the renewal date. If you have not informed us that you do not wish to renew the subscription, you will be presumed to have authorized Agrigarant to charge the subscription fee to the Credit / Debit Card last used by you.

If you have not informed us that you do not wish to renew the subscription, you will be presumed to have authorized Agrigarant to charge the subscription fee to the Credit Card last used by you.


Article 10. The
Provider undertakes:

  1. Publish the advertisement in the form provided or
    accepted by Beneficiary, as appropriate, on the agreed on-line and off-line
    surfaces, including in the written press and other means of mass communication
  2. To execute promotional materials at deadlines and under
    appropriate conditions

The obligations of the provider are of means and not of the result. Thus, the provider undertakes to submit all the fulfillment of the obligation but is not responsible for failing to achieve the desired result.

The Beneficiary undertakes:

  1. Submit its advertising requirements to the provider, as
    well as all advertising materials no later than 10 calendar days prior to the
    launch of the advertising campaign. The beneficiary acknowledges that failure
    to comply with this period constitutes a ground for refusing or postponing the
    provision of the contracted services, the duration of the contract
    automatically extending accordingly.

  • Inform the provider in due time and in the last 14 days of the month if he understands to make changes to the content of any promotional material. In the absence of such notification, the advertising campaign will run in an unchanged form.


 If at any time during your first month using our service you are dissatisfied, please contact us. We will do our best to address your issue, provide a workaround or give a timeline for a solution that will meet your needs.  If you are the advertising campaign does not bring what the expected result we will gladly offer you one month extra FREE OF CHARGE for the plan you subscribed for.

Auto-Renewal. For your convenience,
your monthly subscriptions will auto-renew until you cancel the service. Every
time after each renewal we will send you a receipt via e-mail specifying the
amount that has been deducted together with the next renewal date and the next
renewal amount.

You may terminate your use of the Services by providing Agrigarant notice by email within 30 days of being notified of the availability of the modified

Upgrading and Downgrading Plans

If you wish to make an Upgrade or Downgrade to any of the packages, please contact the team. If a change to the plans occurs the Upgrade or Downgrade will take effect from the next renewal date.

of personal data - GDPR

parties undertake to constantly assess and update the security measures implemented to
ensure the processing of personal data in a safe and secure manner.

Each party shall be liable independently of compliance with the applicable legal requirements for the lawful processing and storage of personal data in the context of its activities for the purpose of the performance of the contract.

 If one of the parties discloses any personal
data to the other party other than in accordance with the provisions of the
contract and is necessary for its execution, such data shall be deleted in
accordance with the internal rules of the party.

 By signing the Agreement, the parties confirm that they have been aware of the general policy of the other party on the protection of personal data and they have been informed about the fact that they have the to have a view of new developments in the of the policy processing and storage of personal data.

The parties reserve the right at any time and without any pre-notification to amend their GDPR general policy by updating it, or by adapting it to new regulations, practices or recommendations, changes valid from the display on the before mentioned websites.