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Agrigarant targets seasonal workers from Romania specifically for it’s clients. Firstly for Vegetable and Fruit Farms, Fresh Produce, Horticultural businesses, Dairy Farms ). During our recruitment process we select the right fruit pickers. vegetable pickers. farm workers from Romania.

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Agrigarant is recruitment company who target people in Romania. Therefore, we contact everyone.  Mainly, as agricultural and farming jobs specialist we focus onto our client needs. So, we target the right candidates trough our process. Our colleagues help employers to select the right workers.  As a result, we create guaranteed weekly updates on candidates. Further, we assist the workers with travel options to make the whole process easy. 

Our Colleagues

Emese Dimeny

General Manager

Emese is experienced recruiter and owner of Agrigarant. Has a bachelor degree firstly, in Psycho-pedagogy and five years experience in recruitment, also a certified project manager.  Further she has been living in UK since 2010, she is a proud mother of two children. 

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Kinga Kusmodi


Kinga has been with our team since 2016, Mainly, gaining experience in client and customer service. Earlier she graduated as a linguist. She speaks Hungarian, Romanian, English and also Spanish. In addition, Kinga likes traveling, reading and enjoys cooking.

  • +44 1273 027105

Zsolt Dimeny

Marketing Consultant

Zsolt started his career in broadcasting and advertising. He has 10 years experience at radio stations, TV advertising, and newspapers. If you need support promoting your business and attract candidates – then is your man! Zsolt enjoys travelling and visiting different countries.

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The Agrigarant story

Emese and Zsolt are living in the UK since 2010, but  their business idea came in 2014. Mainly, when they realized that more and more job seekers are looking for a safe and secure job abroad.
 Firstly, having a first-hand experience of working abroad they assisted candidates to get a job in different sectors. Most importantly, after obtaining the GLAA license the company started to focus on agricultural recruitment.  As a result, we started working close with fruit and vegetable farms, sending them applicants from Romania. During the whole process we implement the latest techniques to attract potential pickers and packers. Agrigarant now has it’s own local advertising agency in Romania.  In short, for online and offline presence, representing it’s partner employers and targeting workforce for them.

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