Romanian workers in the UK to help fruit and vegetable growers

Agrigarant office

With our database of active jobseekers, Agrigarant helps growers to pick fruit and vegetable across Great Britain

We are going through testing times du to the coronavirus epidemic.
The British Growers Association estimates the UK needs 70,000 -90,000 seasonal workers to 2020. Indeed, many businesses will be suffering from staff shortages due to workers being asked to stay in isolation in their own countries.

Fast response from Romanians in the United Kingdom

Our agency would like to share a survey we made to see how many Romanian workers currently live in the UK and are looking for jobs in the agricultural sector. As a result, using online candidate attraction in 24 hours we received a response from 165 applicants actively looking for work and wish to start as soon as possible. This gives us hope that recruitment still is vital.

Firstly, with that in mind if you are suffering from a shortage and need temporary/ quick assistance we will post your advert. And promote your farm on all UK Romanian social groups and social media for £199 in April (RRP £399). With this action we help you to fill as many seasonal jobs as possible.

We also will screen them, check their documents.
Please send your requirements by filling the contact form and I will be in touch ASAP. –