Promote your farm in Romania

Branding, social media, marketing skills and candidate attraction can help to get seasonal workers to come to you directly!

Unsure how this could work for you?

We have an idea!

Promote your farm in Romania and reach up to 500.000 workers actively looking for seasonal jobs!

How this can be done?

Simple. Click here to see how to write an effective job advert

What are my benefits?

No agency fees!

Advertising in Romania for a seasonal workforce comes with no additional or hidden fees. You pay one fee per campaign and you can recruit as many candidates as you like from that single campaign.

How will I get the workers to come to the farm?

More and more farms throughout the UK started to focus on direct recruitment.

They are using methods of source candidates from Eastern European countries like Romania, Bulgaria, Poland and Lituania.

You have the right to invite all selected worker to the farm directly over the phone, using email, social media.

Candidate attraction and candidate management followed by professional candidate pre-screening will ensure you reach the right seasonal workers.