Effective job adverts in Romania

How to write an effective job advert?

Although is written in its title (“advert”) people usually write a job description rather than an advert. If you would like to build an eye-catching, effective job advert you have to do it like an ordinary marketing material: you have to sell the job for your future colleague!

Focus on two important things: exclude irrelevant focus groups while getting genuine applications from interested people.

If you fail these two important aspects, your advert will get loads of irrelevant applications, wasting your time, money, and effort.

At Agrigarant we spent time discovering deeply the Romanian jobseekers who have intention to work abroad. With our recruitment advertising packages, we could fine-tune and target the right group. Our team creates SEO optimised adverts and we post on social media as well as on job boards.

What is the job?

Most job adverts fail when they determine the position. If you want to hire someone for seasonal work, who can pick, drive, sell, speaks English, be available anytime, to be able to travel on his/her own, to find his/her way in a foreign country, like in UK, etc. and you would expect to get a good worker you will fail. There will be confusion and the advert will receive loads of applications without any value.

agrigarant fixed fee recruitment 2019
agrigarant fixed fee recruitment 2019

On the other hand, you would like to get someone who has loads of experience and will be able to work for minimum wage.

Ideal applicants, like these, do not exist. You have to focus on the position that you are advertising.

Always write clearly the salary

“Competitive payment”, or annual payment, or hourly rate and hidden reductions put people off of the advert. People would like to know roughly how much they would earn.

The salary has to be determined in the job advert.

At Agrigarant we explain to applicants who phone us how the salaries are like in the UK and we have a description on our Romanian website about the cost of living on farms. These clarifications give a clear view for applicants.

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Usage of genuine photos and videos

Potential applicants love the genuine photo and video material from farms. Most job adverts use stock photos. When people see the same photos with different adverts, they will lose trust. Agrigarant prefers to gather genuine photos from farms, factories, working environments to show them to future workers.

Benefits of jobs and keywords

Job positions need to be sold as ordinary products. Every position has a price based on its value. Employers write job adverts for their future workmates. Our colleagues at Agrigarant always ask questions from employers to discover every benefit of job and accommodation which can be helpful when an applicant signs up for a job and it will be a priority when they make a decision.

When we say we write SEO friendly adverts, we carefully analyse similar adverts on the market, test the relevancy of keywords, set up a matching advert.

In some cases, offline adverts work brilliantly: for example posters at village shops and public places in Romania. Agrigarant uses these methods to gather potential applications from more remote locations.

Use Call to Action

Place call to action in the right place of the advert. Most people just run through the advert. They need to be guided on how to apply. Gather GDPR compliant information from applicants.

Boost job advert with a recruitment event

With our Gold Package employers are able to boost their advert with a recruitment event, which gives confidence for applicants. This could eliminate the now show.

We take care of it

Finally, we see a company from a distance. Sometimes owners or HR people haven’t got enough time to deal with this type of recruitment and advertising.
Writing a job advert could be difficult, not mentioning the fact when you wake up with 400 applications. And you are thinking why didn’t I let this whole thing whit Agrigarant.
We offer cheaper, stress-free and less time-consuming selection at package prices.

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