What are flat fee recruitment services?

Flat fee recruitment services: the solution to your seasonal work

Uncertainty around Brexit continues and the number of skilled EU workers in the UK continues to decrease and the demand for more seasonal workers increase, therefore in September 2018 the seasonal workers pilot in has been opened, giving fruit and vegetable farmers possibility to employ up to 2,500 non-EU migrant workers for seasonal work.

These services are offered by recruitment agencies – but in an increasingly competitive landscape, meaning also that growers are competing for the same pool, a traditional recruitment approach proves both costly and time-consuming for your business. 

Recruitment proves to be a challenge for all businesses, according to and article Farmers Weekly in 2019 visa delays caused seasonal workers from overseas, that lead to a significant number of “no-shows”.

More and more businesses advertise, looking to finding a cost-effective solution to get seasonal vacancies filled with returnees and their families, using social media and various internal recruitment solutions.

Therefore to stand out and attract the right candidates is increasingly difficult and gives uncertainty on the quality of workers arriving on the farm.

When it comes to shortage, traditional recruitment agencies can charge excessive fees, which can make the decision to take on between 50-150 more seasonal workers a difficult one – especially for mid and/or large fruit and vegetable businesses, who need a guarantee to have a solution for no show, early leavers as a part of a service they pay for.

Euronews reporter stated ” Three years ago there was four workers for a job, but now those figures have reversed. One person has four jobs to choose from”. This means 15.000 shortage for season 2020.

What is flat fee recruitment?

Flat fee recruitment uses a combination of traditional recruitment methods, web advertising, social media, CV screening, and candidate management to provide employers with a pool of relevant and high-quality, targeted candidates all with subscription and a flat fee price – at a fraction of the cost of a traditional approach.

With flat fee recruitment, you are in control.

You pay a flat fee price per month – and you can hire as many salespeople as you like from each campaign.

To see how many workers you are getting with a monthly subscription, beside the branding, candidate attraction and a great team pre-screening all workers, read about our Subscription-based service.