Recruitment. Start with the why!

Emese and Zsolt launched AgriGarant Flat Fee Recruitment in July 2019, a much more cost-effective approach of recruiting seasonal workers.

Firstly they realized growers wish to have a close relation to their applicants and started using advertising and social media to reach seasonal workers.

Emese and Zsolt have wide personal knowledge and experience to offer their clients.

Established their life in the UK in 2010 as a couple, now have two children and started a family business that gives an opportunity to move to Romania and have a close relationship with British employers.

They have already five-year experience working as recruitment agents, including care sector, catering and agricultural sector providing over 400 -600 placements each year.

Emese and Zsolt consider this experience vital to be effective from the beginning of the recruitment process in selecting the right workers.

The recruitment process takes place in Romania, both Emese and Zsolt are from Romania and offer targeted recruitment, therefore give growers publicity.

They also ensure skilled and motivated workers receive information about the farm and details of the job they apply to.

 This will help new seasonal workers to understand the environment they will find themselves, what is the expectation of the grower and have direct contact with the farm.

Using candidate attraction and special pre-selection methods they make sure workers applying to seasonal jobs will align with the expectation of growers.

As a result of the unique method of candidate attraction, pre-selection method and support offered for selected workers on how to get to the farm is the key to the success of the campaigns.

Emese and Zsolt consider that this method of recruitment, candidate attraction and screening service will mean that workers apply with more trust and are more likely to apply, having no fear of falling into human trafficking.

Emese says “Many farms already do direct recruitment and selection themselves, but we can do better. We can make your direct recruitment attract the most workers”