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Agricultural worker Recruitment

Seasonal workers from Romania

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Recruiting the best possible workers

Using a clear process to select the right candidate

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Agricultural worker Recruitment

Seasonal workers from Romania

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Agrigarant  targets seasonal workers from Romania on behalf of farming and fresh produce Businesses in the The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Austria.  With the  help farmers to get workers directly with online and offline marketing tools. Our team offers tailored solutions depending on the size of your company.  Agrigarant has the goal to help people to communicate with employers. Also to help people match with excellent Jobs.

 There are many self-motivated, well trained, punctual and hard working Hungarian and Romanian job seekers. What makes us different?
Bespoke advertising packages makes recruitment efficient. Advert optimisation reaches the right amount of candidates in the right time. Candidate pre-screening connects the right workers with businesses. Client portal on our applicant tracking system allows you to track and view applicants in real time.

How Agrigarant works

Seasonal workers

Provide the best possible workforce for agricultural employers in Europe

Screening, selection

With our experience we target the right workers from specified areas

Client Portal

Employers can view and request candidates from a dedicated client portal


Finding the right candidates

Our aim is to supply the best seasonal workers to our agricultural clients

Pre-screenig, verification and selection

All our candidates have up to date documents, verified ID’s and fully aware of work requirements

client portal for customers

Our clients will have custom login to manage open positions, candidate submissions, and interview details.

Targeted advertising

Use online and offline methods to deliver the job adverts to candidates

Transport information

With our partners we help the workers to travel cheaper, easier and safer.

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Safety and realistic expectations are the keys for us. Working to send the right candidate to the right place. Identifying their needs and meet the criteria set by the employers.
Using modern advertising solutions we gather our people. This business guarantees that our services are professional, punctual, fair and comply with the legislation.


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Doing targeted headhunting in agriculture, food industry is our key duty. Our team gets  a capable and effective workforce for employers in Europe, we are keen to use the best recruitment techniques. Help employers and workers to achieve their goals and targets. Prepare our candidates to have realistic expectations and working close to our employers we identify their needs and deliver the best services we can.  The main job is to reach people from Eastern Europe with targeted recruitment. The team  discovers the personal qualities. Motivations, and skills and send the right candidate to the right workplace. Agrigarant believes in a transparent, fair and cost-effective service.


Contact Us

Email : info@agrigarant.ro

Agrigarant is a licensed recruitment agency. This company is a specialist supplier of seasonal workers in Europe from Romania. Our main areas are agriculture, food packaging, and processing.  Our Unique selling proposition is to contact each applicant in Romania. On behalf of our  business partners and give them accurate information about the job and accommodation. Keen to use modern, comprehensive recruitment services to target workforce. Carefully working to match the employer and employee needs. Ensuring that we fill the right positions. Working hard  to provide equal opportunities throughout the whole process. Agrigarant is committed to its candidates being assessed. According to their merits and qualifications and ability to perform the relevant duties required by a particular vacancy.  Our policy does not tolerate discrimination towards any candidates, clients, or prospective clients.